Good Fortune Cabinet ({厨}入平安, 富{柜}安康)


cabinet Size: 36cm (H) x 31cm(L) x 12cm(W)
– Roaster bowl (10cm diameter x 2)
– Chicken Essence x 2 bottle
– Peanut biscuit x 1 bottle
– Pineapple tart x 1 bottle
– Abalone x 1 can
– Pork Dried Meat x 8 pcs
– Sugar Tangerine x 6 pcs
– Red dates x 1 pack (80gm)
– Goji Berries x 1 pack (80gm)
– Chinese Knot

All items can be customised according to request, as long as within the budget.
Kindly contact us for more details regarding bulk order, this cabinet need minimum 30 days to pre-order.